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Must Buy Double Bed Size Blankets

You don't need a full-sized (or double) bed to make your bed look amazing. You can spend a bit more on accessories because full-size sheets sets are less expensive than queen-sized ones. A full-size bed will leave you with some extra money to spend on accessories that give your bed an extra special look.

Full-Size Blankets

Full-size blankets can be used as bedspreads in spring and summer. They are lighter than regular blankets and keep you cool. These coverlets are thicker and more durable than a flat sheet but are still thinner than a comforter. You can buy warm throw blankets or double bed size blankets according to your daily needs.


These coverlets may have decorative trims and small, quilted boxes. They can drape somewhat like a mantle when used decoratively on your beds. These blankets don't have the same thick layers of feathers or polyester used to stuff comforters. However, a blanket of double size isn't filled with feathers or down. Some are, but only a thin layer.

You can wash and care for blankets of full or double size at home. You should read all instructions and labels on packaging. If you're looking for a full-size blanket to buy, make sure they are marked full/queen. Sometimes, you might also find them marked double.

You can then cover your bed with the queen/full comforter and place the pillows on top. Give your full-size bed the attention it deserves and you deserve. Maximize your purchasing power to live well and sleep well.