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Here are some facts about Endometriosis

Endometriosis may be affecting every woman in the world. As more women are affected by endometriosis, it is becoming more common. This medical condition is now more common in women. With the recognition of this condition being a disease, treatments and diagnostic methods are now available.

The natural process of a woman's body producing and releasing the hormones Estrogen (and Testosterone) is what allows for ovulation to occur. The process of ovulation involves the production of eggs. After ovulation, the body prepares to fertilize the eggs and form a baby. Then the cervix is surrounded by a lining. Estrogen helps greatly in this process. The cervix lining is removed when the egg does not fertilize and the monthly cycle continues. You can check out more facts about endometriosis at

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Endometriosis can be treated in many ways.

The first method is to decrease estrogen production in the body. The cervix lining will become thicker due to the prostaglandins and estrogen cells. This will cause more blood flow and more pain. The gynecologist recommends that estrogen levels be decreased to reduce pain. This is why pills are prescribed. Although this may reduce the symptoms and pain, it is not a cure.

You can also take Estrogen-reducing pills to help you heal faster and make your liver healthier. Stress is a major reason for this condition. Women are more likely to suffer from stress than men and end up with a variety of diseases. It is recommended that women reduce their stress levels. She should not let stress affect her family members.