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Teeth Whitening And Zoom Whitening In Worcester

We all encounter this problem for one reason or another. How would you prefer to change those jagged teeth into pearly white ones instead? Get those sparkling white teeth and enhance your confidence.

Teeth whitening technology has undergone several improvements and developments through the years, with current favorite methods listed below:

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zoom teeth whitening

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1) Zoom Whitening – This teeth-whitening procedure is done at a dental office by a certified team member. It requires the program of a whitening gel comprising a high concentration of a derivative of hydrogen peroxide like Carbamide peroxide. 

The gel works together using a whitespeed light to loosen stains up deep inside the pores of teeth. Great results can be seen in just an hour session.

2) Professionally Designed Teeth Whitening Molds – This includes teeth whitening gels with dental molds developed to fit each individual's teeth. It's prescribed by a dentist for routine teeth whitening procedures. 

The dentist performs a thorough dental exam before the teeth whitening process to ascertain whether it will be beneficial for the patient. 

The actual zoom whitening procedure takes just an hour. A-Zoom whitening gel containing peroxide is used on the exposed teeth.

The gel, together with a special light, penetrates deep into teeth pores to loosen stains and restore its natural whites. This procedure is repeated at 15 to 20 minute periods while patients relax.  Great results can be seen in just an hour session.