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Thailand’s Best Scuba Diving Areas

Thailand is the best place to go for scuba diving. The best location to dive in Thailand is the country's west coast in the Andaman Sea. However, there are also many opportunities for new divers to learn and get certified in the Thailand.

There are some wonderful experiences to be had when diving from Koh Tao, and even Koh Chang, but the water depth, clarity and marine life means that the diving in the Similan Islands, or other Andaman Sea diving area generally and consistently better.

Scuba diving in the Similan Islands is quite extreme for even the most intrepid scuba divers, the depth and currents to cater for every taste. You can also enjoy the best scuba diving in Thailand and enjoy the warm, crystal clear waters.

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Even those who have never dived before can try scuba diving in the Similan Islands. Coral reefs are home to tens of thousands of species of colorful and interesting, and the sea and weather conditions during the dive season unbeaten.

Liveaboard yacht, or scuba diving safari as some call them, almost always giving guests several opportunities to venture to the beach and do some trekking hours or relaxed.

Northern sites, including Richelieu Rock, located in the border area Marine National Park Mu Ko Similan and Mu Ko Surin National Marine Park. Richelieu Rock is the best diving sites of Thailand, and one of the best in the world.