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The Big Lie About Internet Marketing

internet marketing trainingIf anyone has ever told you, "You need to take control of the new marketing strategy, called internet marketing," you need to know that they are absolutely wrong.

Internet marketing is not new. It's been around ever since the internet was made, and that's pretty old. However, even though the marketing is not new, the methods of the marketing are. Unfortunately, most of us marketers, have no idea that it's changed…which means a total failure in business if not grasped.

In the olden days, when the internet was just made, Yahoo! was the leader of the online world. You would pay Yahoo! to post your ad, and if you were lucky enough, it went through, and you would have hit big. You won over your competition. Now, is that rarely even true.

Internet marketing has changed, and now, essentially, the more money you use on it, the worse your marketing is.

The change was subtle, but it's something huge. So huge, that the people stuck in the world of the old marketing strategy are getting murdered by the companies who have grasped the new marketing strategy.

Before, you could buy your attention by copying affiliate marketing trainers. Now, you've got to earn your attention. This is the change in the strategy of internet marketing.

You Need To Earn Your Attention

10 years ago, you could have a business that blends in with other businesses, and as long as you spent tons of money on marketing, you could still be successful. Now, if your business blends in with other businesses, you're just clutter, and people will ignore you, no matter how much money you spend on marketing.

You can't be successful anymore by how much your wallet holds. Now, you're only as successful as how much your ideas are worth. If you've got a business that's totally out of the ordinary, and stands out among the rest, then you've got an amazing business. But if your business blends in, then you've just got clutter, that nobody wants.

Here's a list that I made in order to help you guys see how you can make your business better, and stand out more:

1. "Find someone who is successful, and follow what they did," does not work anymore. If you just follow what someone else did, you're just making something that has already been made, meaning that there is nothing remarkable about what you're doing. You're just copying someone and creating more clutter. Instead, follow the saying, "Find someone successful, and out-do them."

2. Be extreme. Be either on one end of a topic, or on the other, never in-between. Non, or Pro. Pick a side, then elaborate. Make your stand. People will notice you.

3. Be different, extremely different. Find something that no one's done and do it. People will talk and notice you. This is why a local yogurt store in Murrieta, White Lime, is so successful. They did something that no one else did, and now they have a business that everyone talks about. I talk about it with my friends, I take my friends there, and I recommend it to people. Word of mouth spreads fast. It spreads even faster when it's something worth talking about.

4. Don't make and/or sell cheap products. We can already get enough that at Wal-Mart, or the local 99¢ store. No one has time to talk about cheap, and crappy products. Nobody wants to talk about cheap, and crappy products. If they want cheap, they'll go to Wal-Mart, if they want big, and different, they should come to you. Find high quality articles like the 12 minute affiliate review and write similar reviews about upcoming affiliate products.

Following the tips above will surely boost your internet marketing credibility.