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The Convergence Of Security And Concierge Services

Security guards and porters have long been an integral part of the housing. Some complexes and buildings are large enough to provide a separate department for their tenants, while others must choose security guards or porters. Without the option of renting both, the residence does not have a full-service program. This article describes a dual role security/employee program, explains why it's not the industry standard for homes, and how it benefits tenants and visitors.

The effect of the dual function of the concierge security guard will be seen in the overall security of the residence, customer satisfaction, and cost savings. Property managers and homeowners should never make the choice between a safe environment or a welcoming environment when they can do both with a trained and licensed security porter. However, there are so many portals such as that offer concierge services for the owners of the premises.

Concierge Security: What It Is and Why Businesses Need It

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The first step in developing a full-fledged tenant program for homeowners and property managers is to combine the two departments by hiring trained, licensed security personnel as concierge staff. These full-service professionals must possess the skills and knowledge required for both professions and be able to adapt to a wide range of complex situations and events. 

Double concierge/security officer must have excellent concierge skills and enforcement of security guard regulations; the ability to make reservations and respond to emergencies; porter care and assistance and security officer crime prevention. To be successful with this service, a sophisticated training program must be created that focuses on security and doorman skills as an integrated service style rather than separate roles.