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The History of Tees For Dogs

I wasn’t sure that dog clothes actually had a history to them until I started researching the topic and was pleasantly surprised to find that there was more information than I expected. The History of dog clothes starts around 520 B.C when medieval men going to battle would dress their horses and war dogs in garments to protect the animals skin in the time of war. This is what led to the manufacturing of dog apparel and modern day clothing for dogs. Today we carry on the tradition of using apparel to protect our working dogs and pets.

What would happen to Police K9’s who didn’t wear their bullet proof vests? Or our beloved Service Dogs who guide the blind and wear their vests as helpful signs to let the public know they are doing their job?

Some of our small dogs and pets of today need an extra layer in the cold winter months. For example: The Chinese Crested a Hairless Dog Breed, appreciates the warmth and comfort of modern dog apparel. There are many forms of dog clothes including Doggy Raincoats, Knitted Sweaters, Costumes for Holidays, Comfortable Harnesses for dogs who can’t wear collars and soft Cotton Dog T-shirts for any breed to either amuse their owners and guests with their funny designs or warn the public not to feed a working therapy dog. Know more about by visiting online websites such as etc.