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Things to Consider While Buying Chew Toys

Chews are an important part of your pet toy box. No matter how old your pet is, chewing toys are always a tempting choice. The chewing and gnawing not only soothes itchy gums but it also helps to relieve anxiety. 

Chew toys are made from various materials, from the rawhide bone to yaki chew bone and cow's milk. You can find a variety of dog & puppy chew toys online to help keep teeth and gums free from plaque.  With so many choices to choose from, here are some things to remember when choosing Chews:


At a different stage, pets have different demands for their chewy toys. For example, teething pups have itchy gums and need those chewy toys that are able to soothe their gums. Senior and ageing pets also need chew toys but not necessarily those that are as tough as a younger dog would require.

Chew strength and size

Depending on the strength of their bite, you must choose toys that will survive. For example, a chewy that is made to suit a terrier would not last very long with a Pitbull or a Rottweiler. Most chews will have an indication of what type of breeds they are suitable for. Another thing to remember is to buy chews that suit your pet's size. Buying a small toy for a large dog will mean that your pet is likely to swallow it. This can be dangerous for your pet.

Consider all options

The number of options available for your pets to chew on is wide and varied. Each has its own advantages. For instance, rope toys can be washed easily in the machine if they get too muddy. You can buy chew bone if you want your pet to have an organic, healthy chewy.