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Things You Should Know About Electric Hedge Trimmers

A hedge trimmer is something every gardener requires to maintain their home appealing. You have the choice of whether you want to drive electrically or manually. The electric one is more comfortable and easier to use than the manual one, which requires the strength of your body to cut and trim overgrown hedges.

When buying an electric hedge trimmer, you need to take your weight into account. Some are heavier than others. If your physical strength is limited, choose one of the lighter sides of the spectrum. However, note that the lighter ones aren't that strong. When you need a lot of strength for a thick hedge or intense pruning, you have to sacrifice your skills with a little weight and look for something that can increase your work.

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Blade length is another thing to consider when purchasing your electric hedge trimmer. The length of the blades varies from the longest at about 40 inches to the smallest at 13 inches. Bigger is not always more reliable, but it fits in well with the wider fences you may come across. The recommended medium is 16 inches. Smaller blades reduce weight while ensuring the job you're trying to get done.

Pay attention to the hedge trimmer with different blades that you can turn off. Also, pay attention to what the blades are made of. Carbon steel is a great choice because the edges stay sharp for longer, saving you time from continuously sharpening to doing the maximum job. 

You can also choose between single or double blades that are cut at the same time. The double blades work continuously and achieve a clean cut. However, keep an eye on the drawbacks to make sure that the trimmer you buy is right for you.