Tips About The Use Of Dental Implants

Sometimes people need a false tooth to fill a gap left by a missing tooth, and sometimes people need an entire set of false teeth to replace their natural teeth. Sometimes people have medical conditions that create the need for full mouth reconstruction, sometimes people have serious accidents that cause them to need the work, and sometimes people are unhappy with their looks and they choose to have this work performed.


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Dental implants are one of the latest procedures being used in full mouth reconstruction. Dental implants are a type of false tooth, or replacement tooth. You can replace one missing teeth, several missing teeth, or an entire mouth full of teeth with these devices.

Dental implants are preferred by patients that are getting a full mouth reconstruction because:


  1. When you have this type of replacement teeth you can eat and drink anything you want. When you get traditional dentures you have to be careful not to eat really chewy foods like caramels because your teeth can be pulled out of your mouth. The implanted teeth are secured on a titanium rod that is fused to your jawbone so you do not have to worry about your tooth being pulled out when you eat corn on the cob, or bite into an apple.


  1. Traditional dentures can develop a horrible odor. Traditional dentures have to be removed from your mouth and soaked in denture cleaner to keep them from smelling really bad, but the implants can be cleaned with a toothbrush and toothpaste just like you natural teeth are cleaned.


  1. Very few people can look at someone with the implants and tell that the teeth are not their natural teeth. Implant specialist can make the teeth the same size as the natural teeth were, and they can make them the same color as the natural teeth in the mouth. This leaves the person that gets them with a mouth filled with teeth that look natural.


  1. People with traditional dentures have to worry that as they gain weight, or lose weight, their teeth will no longer fit properly. Implants are fused to your jawbone and they fit even when your weight fluctuates


Reasons why people may not choose dental implants as part of their full mouth reconstruction:

  • The procedure to implant the titanium rods is more expensive than traditional dentures are
  • The healing process after getting the implants is a lot more difficult that the healing process after traditional dentures
  • The procedure can only be done if the patient has an adequate amount of bone on their jawbone to create a good possibility of fusion between the natural bone and the titanium rod
  • Not all implants can be immediately loaded with teeth and sometimes the patient has to wait before getting their procedure completed
  • Not all dental clinics are equipped to do the implants. You must find a dental specialist that has studied the procedure and can perform the necessary testing to determine your eligibility