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Tissue Procurement & Distribution

The Tissue Procurement and Distribution Core collects fresh, frozen, and formalized solid malignant paraffin tumors, as well as histologically normal adjacent tissues, whole blood, plasma, serum, and cell components (MNC / DNA), Bone marrow aspiration, Urinary fluids, pleura, and paracentesis.

Fast processing is key to maintaining quality: the core receives all samples within 90 minutes of cutting, within 30 minutes of dividing by more than 70 percent. You can get more information about tissue procurement via the web.

tissue procurement

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Clinical records of collected samples, including demographic, medical, family, and social history, medical care, pathological diagnosis, and additional studies, are stored in a secure Oncore Biospecimen Management (BSM) database.

Additional data can be collected from patient consent is required for an approved project. Since 2015, Cores has assisted in tissue procurement, processing, storage, and delivery of sample collections embedded in therapeutic and correlative clinical studies for solid tumors. This dedicated testing service supports separate protocols.

The specific objectives of the core are:

Specific Objective 1: To provide well-annotated, diverse, and high-quality biological materials to support basic and translational studies of solid tumors.

Specific Objective 2: To coordinate the delivery, processing, storage, and management of collected tissue samples together with therapeutic and correlative clinical studies for solid tumors.

Specific Objective 3: Develop and maintain tissue microchips to support biomarker research.

Specific Objective 4: To collaborate with researchers in the analysis of samples from archived, archived or tissue microchips, including pathological and immunohistochemical features.