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What Are Essential Oils

Pure essential oils are used in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy provides you with a way to relieve stress and is often used as a non-toxic and healthy relaxation aid. 

You can use essential oils as ingredients in personal care products such as hand and body lotions, bath oils, and massage oils, as well as use organic essential oils in aromatherapy diffusers and even as additions to your routine. You can also order the best custom essential oil blends online via the web.

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The essential oils in aromatherapy come from plants. Plants and plant parts used can be in the form of flowers, herbs, plants, trees, and fruits, and these materials are distilled to obtain pure plant juices.

Once these pure essential oils are distilled, they can be used for a wide variety of uses. Essential oils can be added to vegetable oils and regular lotions, for example.  

You can also make colored water using a mixture of distilled water and organic essential oils for a mild scent, which is ideal if you want a scent that’s less overpowering but pleasing to your nose.

There are essential massage oils that contain vegetable oils such as almond oil in combination with a beautiful essential oil essence. This is a fantastic way to use aromatherapy essential oils to enhance your massage experience.

If you ask a room with people what their favorite herbal scent is, many of them will likely answer with lavender. Lavender essential oil is used in body lotions, massage oils, as well as bath oils, and household products.