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What Are The Different Types Of Commissary Kitchens?

The commissary kitchen is a commercial food preparation facility. The Commissaries rents space to food trucks, virtual restaurants, cateries, and others who don’t own their own kitchens. The commissary kitchen provides everything that tenants need to prepare, cook and store food safely. You can also look for the best shared & private commissary kitchens for rent in Austin for your food business.

There are various types of commissary kitchens to choose from. Tenants choose types based on their own specific needs. Here is a brief description of what each can offer-

Shared use commercial kitchens are the cheapest option. The owner rents out his kitchen to several tenants at once. They are a favorite of food trucks, restaurants, ghost kitchens, and more.

Private commercial kitchen options are much more expensive. With this model, the tenants have exclusive access to the kitchen area. They are used by virtual restaurants that need space during certain business hours.

Renting a kitchen in a restaurant is another option for a food business. Some restaurants allow ghost kitchens while others rent kitchens outside of business hours. In addition, restaurants are using their kitchen space to launch their own virtual brand.

Non-traditional commercial kitchens include churches, schools, nursing homes, etc. This is a very accessible place. However, they may not offer the same amenities like a shared kitchen in a residential or commercial kitchen.