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What Are Tourist Visa Requirements?

Every tourist who comes to India are expected to attend the visa, one that meets three basic requirements. It must be valid; should not be broken; and it needs proper visas, which were agreed with the reasons stated for tourists to travel to the India. Sometimes the tourists have specific questions related to the specific details, in terms of basic tourist visa requirements.

For example, a tourist planning a second or third trip to the India may have expired passport. In that case, no visa in the passport before. As a result, after making a return visit, that the same individual must carry both new and old passport. You can check out India online visa center for getting more knowledge about visa services.

Both passport to be presented at the tourist port of entry. People who examined the passport will put a new stamp in the passport entry, along with an explanation VIOPP. Which stands for Visa-in-old-passport. explanation shows that tourist visa can be found in other passport.

Question A tourist, on visa requirements, may also be associated with other problems. This may involve the visa expiration date. For example, concerns a tourist may reflect the fact that his visa will expire on the day it falls within the scheduled trip to the India.

Visa does not provide information on the length of the visit one of the tourist authorities, ie the period of time that he was authorized to stay in the India. Forms I-94 provide any official at the port of entry with details about the arrival and departure time for tourists entering or leaving. The information in the I-94 applies, even if the tourist visa has expired.