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What Does Crane Insurance Cover?

A crane and rigging insurance policy designed to protect your business in terms of the length of your tow damaged or destroyed on the job, as well as from acts of destruction by a third party, or even stealing. Crane insurance coverage program also include third party liability allegations made against your company for damage or injury caused during work.

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Some of the key components of coverage may include:

General liability: Protects against damage to property or injury claims made by third parties.

Physical Damage: Covers damage to crane up to their full value.

Burglary: Includes replacement of equipment stolen.

Rented / Rental Equipment: Includes the cost of renting/leased equipment is required while waiting for repairs on your own. Also protects rented/leased equipment is being used by your business.

Covers equipment that can not be permanently affixed to a specific location, including while on the trip: an inland sea.

Equipment Floater: inland marine coverage can be added to cover equipment, including rental, of the dangers of transporting it between jobs. It also includes theft during transit.

Auto liability: Covers crane while driving on public roads.

Optional add-ons for coverage:

Excess liability: Covers lawsuits exceeded general liability coverage.

Equipment breakdown: Covering a serious disaster usually issued by other policies, such as blasts.

Business interruption: Covers loss of income suffered from a business operating while suspended due to maintenance on the equipment.