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What Is Live-In Care?

Senior Citizens who need around-the-clock comprehensive care, may not have settled on the notion that they will have to be confined to a bed in a rest home facility. Instead, they may want to explore the option of live-in care. Live-in caregivers live in your home a few days a week providing care around the clock.

Typically, live-in caregivers work in teams of two that return to their own residence between shifts, but the patient is cared for at all times. It is actually cheaper for the client to hire live-in in Birmingham care rather than 24-hour hourly care.

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Although the term is "live-in care," health care providers do not actually "live" in the client's homes as a true resident. They are given a place to sleep, but they do not actually move in and are not allowed to use any of the personal property of the client without permission. Since the client's home is not the caregiver's residence, they cannot allow guests to come over to the client's home.

Live-in caregivers are usually paid a daily salary rather than an hourly rate. The client's responsibility includes providing food for the caregiver and a place for them to sleep.

The caregiver is required to provide care for the patient, not to serve as a butler or maid. Either service or a family member of the client will do the grocery shopping and other necessary tasks.

As you can imagine, it is important for the client to feel comfortable sharing their home with live-in caregivers. A good agency will do its best to match up the right team of caregivers to the right client.