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What Services Do Family Offices Offer?

They look after the wealth of wealthy families and manage their financial affairs. Although their history can be traced back to the Crusades period, the 'modern' U.S. family office dates back to the 19th century. 

The best family office in the US will help you to grow and preserve your wealth. Wealth merchants hired advisors and comrades to look after their families and oversee monetary matters while on trade trips.

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The origins of family office services date back to 300 years ago in European history when European wealth merchants set up private banks. Many private banks offer wealth management services to wealthy families today.

A single-family office deals with the stately affairs of one family. It is a private entity that will take care of the financial and personal needs of the family. It also serves the purpose of family cohesion.

A limited liability entity is a single-family office. Its ownership can be held by a family member or a manager outside the family who looks after the family's financial affairs.

A Family Office in general will oversee many aspects simultaneously. This includes financial affairs and stewardship. An FO is about wealth preservation and management. It is used to protect assets. 

With the help of legal entities, strategies, and other tools, it protects assets against future creditors. A protection plan is necessary before any claim can be made to protect assets.

Asset protection can be achieved by other means, such as wealth transfer, risk shifting, wealth transfers, captives, or selling assets to younger generations for an income stream.

These professionals are qualified in accounting, law, and investment and can help families with taxes, insurance, corporate finance, acquisitions, and mergers. They protect a family's legacy and help to carry it forward for future generations.