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What You Should Know About Crawlspace insulation

Only homes with raised foundations have crawl space under their houses. Brick or concrete walls may be used as the foundation's perimeter. Concrete pillars support a raised foundation home that has wood trim around its perimeter. 

You might find plumbing, wires, and heating ductwork in the crawl space. Depending on the type of venting, the method used to insulate your crawlspace will depend on how it is ventilated. You can also navigate to this web-site to know more about the crawlspace insulation installation in Johnson City.

Crawl Space

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Frosts in boards can allow cold air to enter a crawl space that is not insulated. The cost of insulation can be recouped by the energy savings you make in one season.

Measure the space between floor joists for crawl spaces with vents in the perimeter walls to determine the type and amount of insulation that you will need.

The crawl space can be ventilated which is beneficial because it helps in the elimination of moisture. Fiberglass insulation can then be installed underneath the subfloor between floor joists.

Insulate the crawl space walls if it isn't ventilated. This will require less insulation and eliminate the need for separate insulation of ducts or pipes.

For additional protection, you may want to place a polyurethane-vapor barrier on top of the dirt floor. To prevent it from being damaged, you can cover the barrier with sand.

Although crawl space insulation can be done by the homeowner, it is worth hiring a professional. They will remove and dispose of any old insulation, and spray the space often with bacteria and fungicides.